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Spend the Day in Bali during Nyepi or Day of Silence


If you are in Bali around March 7th, 2019, here are some guides to help you
experience the Nyepi Holiday or Day of Silence. This sacred day for Hindus,
especially in Bali, is observed by everyone staying on the island as a token of respect. For 24 hours you will see a different side of Bali. This is a good time to meditate and find your inner peace as the vibrant island falls into a completely peaceful and quiet state. Experience Indonesia in 360


  1.  Check your hotel or travel advisors about this day and prepare for itinerary adjustments.
  2. Observe the rituals prior to Nyepi, like the Melasti, where hundreds of
    devotees march to the beach, the lakes and the holy springs, to perform a cleansing ritual.
  3. Check out how the locals perform the Ngerupuk ceremony on Nyepi eve. Prayers proceed with parading the Ogoh-ogoh effigy and set them on fire to symbolize the act of sending away evil spirits.
  4. Stock up on food and beverages because you will have to stay indoors for 24 hours with minimum light, sound, and staffs to service you.
  5. Check your hotel for inhouse dining prior to Nyepi.
  6. Enjoy the clear starry night, listen to the sound of nature, and enjoy meditating for a day.
  7. The day after Nyepi is a ceremony named Ngembak Geni, or putting the first light on. People will visit friends and relatives on this day. If you head to Sesetan Village in Denpasar, you can experience the Omed-omedan, a smooching tradition celebrated each year. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera, because there will be water splashing everywhere.
  8. Or head to Kedonganan village in Badung for Mabuug–buugan, a mud bath festival that symbolize the act of self purification


  1. Don’t wander out on the streets during Nyepi, do not start any engine or use motorcycle. Please stay indoors and enjoy Bali’s quiet time.
  2. Try to make as little noise as possible and please don’t play your music out loud, prepare headsets or earphones to enjoy in private.
  3. Don’t light any fire and please keep the lights down to a minimum, especially if you are staying nearby those who are performing the Nyepi rituals.
  4. Don’t be demanding of your hotel’s service, because staffs on duty are on minimum numbers on this day.
  5. It is a religious tradition and cultural heritage of the charming Balinese Hindu people, please support and respect the prohibitions and don’t try anything outside what is clearly prohibited. Consult your travel advisors if you need more detailed information regarding the rules on Bali’s Day of Silence.Source: