25 March 2020

The Day of Silence in Bali, "Nyepi" Saka 1942



Heard about Nyepi Day, but still not sure exactly what it is and how you can immerse yourself in the experience with the beautiful Balinese culture. After reading below it won't be long until you plan to pack your bags and be on your next holiday in Bali! If you have already booked, or are thinking about travelling to Bali and have heard about a Hindu celebration called Nyepi Day, don't be discouraged.
On 24th March 2020 around 5 or 6 pm the ritual of Pengrupukan will take place. This is when the Balinese parade along the streets of their village by holding fire torches and vigorously play the kulkul (traditional bamboo bells). The parade will also be followed by a procession of Ogoh-ogoh, which aredistinct Balinese giant puppets. The Ogoh-ogoh effigies depict the character of Bhuta or the evil spirit. After the procession, the Ogoh-ogoh will all be torched in a joyous conflagration in the main ritual known as Ngrupuk. The torching of the ogoh-ogoh symbolizes the cleansing of all evil influences in life.
As the pinnacle of the entire series of rituals, Nyepi or the Day of complete silence will take place on 25th March 2020. As a day that is reserved for meditation and self-reflection, anything that may interfere with that specific purpose is, therefore, strictly prohibited. For Nyepi mandates a day of absolute quiet, based on the four precepts of CaturBrataPanyepian, namely:
Amati Geni: Prohibiting the lighting of fires, the use of lighting or satisfying pleasurable human appetites.
Amati Karya: Prohibiting all forms of physical work other than those dedicated to spiritual cleansing and renewal.
Amati Lelungan: Prohibiting movement or travel; requiring people to stay within their homes.
Amati Lelangunan: Prohibiting all forms of entertainment, recreations or general merrymaking.
The day after Nyepi, which this year falls on 26th March 2020, is called NgembakGeni. This is when Balinese Hindus visit families, neighbor and relatives to exchange forgiveness. They will also conduct the Dharma Canthi by reciting Sloka, Kekidung, and other religious scriptures.

18 February 2020

Making "Lawar" - Celebrate the Day before "Galungan"



Galungan Day is one of the big holidays for Balinese Hindu which is celebrated every 210 days according to pawukon calendar system. This day is always celebrated at Wednesday pancawara Kliwon, wuku Dungulan. Galungan Day means to commemorate and celebrate the victory of Dharma (virtue) againstAdharma (evil). In general, some of those ceremonies are: Penyekeban, Penyajaan, Penampahan, Galungan, and Manis Galungan. Not to miss this sacred moment, Grand Ixora Kuta Resort celebrated "Penampahan" by "Ngelawar" activities. It held every six months by "Seka Hindu Dharma Grand Ixora Kuta Resort". The tradition of it has a high value in strengthening harmony and familiarizing others. Because in making "lawar" will be followed by many people. There are many types of "lawar" in Bali, depending on the region of origin. "Lawar" (finely chopped meat and spices) is one of Bali's most famous dishes. There are hundreds of different recipes for "lawar" made from any different kind of meat. Below is really simple "lawar" recipe that you can adapt to use with whichever kind of meat you prefer.
To make "lawar", you will need a good knife for chopping and a strong wrist! In Bali, we use a knife called "belakas" which is a very heavy chopper – somewhere between a cleaver and an axe. If you don't have a"belakas" to hand, a Chinese cleaver will do fine. This recipe will make enough "lawar"to feed 6 hungry people.
500gr Chicken
200gr Chicken
2 can green jackfruit
½ a coconut
1 bay leaf
4 kaffir lime leafs (finely sliced)
½ cube of veg stock blended with a cup of water

For "Base Genep" (spice paste – grind with a pestle and mortar or use a food processor to blend):
5cm piece of galangal
5cm piece of turmeric
3cm piece of ginger
5cm piece of kencur (lesser galangal)
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp sesame seeds
½ tsp black pepper seeds
½ tsp white pepper seeds
2 cloves
2 candlenuts
½ tsp cumin seeds
½ tsp nutmeg powder

For "Sambal Embe" (2nd spice paste):
4 shallots (finely sliced)
4 cloves of garlic (finely sliced)
5 chilies (finely sliced)
1 tsp shrimp paste

1. Slice the chicken, separate the skin from the meat and then boil the skin until tender, leave to cool and then slice. For the meat – chop finely until it has a consistency like mince and add the bay leaf, a little bit of vegetable oil. Put in a wok and stir, fry for a few minutes then add a cup of water, boil the meat until cooked.
2. Boil green jackfruit for a few minutes and then drain leave to cool, cut finely.
3. For Base Genep, stir fry with vegetable oil until cooked.
4. Grill the coconut, cut the brown skin off, crush it, and stir fry it. Finely chop (or grate) the remaining white part of the coconut.
5. For Sambal Embe, deep fry the shallot, put in a bowl and then fry the garlic. Remove it when cooked and put in the bowl with the shallots. Repeat the process with chili and the last one is shrimp paste. Add frying oil to the bowl with all ingredients above (shallots, garlic, chili and shrimp paste).
6. Mix the meat, chicken skin, and coconuts with base genep, skin coconut fried and sambal embe until mixture and then add the finely jackfruit, slices of kaffir lime leafs, salt and toss well.

25 January 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 – Year of the Rat



Soon we will celebrateChinese New Year which will be on January 25th, 2020. Just like in previous years, Grand Ixora Kuta resort will enliven the Chinese New Year. Accordingly, we have begun to decorate the hotel area with Chinese vibes, red color and many lanterns hanging on ceiling along the way to the lobby. The center of this year's decor is located in the lobby area, on right side of the reception desk. Photobooth is specially decorated and not to be missed to be equipped with decoration of rats as zodiac in 2020.Do you know? Refers to Chinese believe, there are some things that do / don't in Chinese New Year

1. Giving gifts in lucky numbers and lucky red packaging with lucky greetings.
2. Eating lucky food like fish on New Year's Eve, especially carp or catfish with some left over for New Year's Day.
3. Lighting lots of red firecrackers and fireworks to scare away evil and bring good luck.

1. Having an accident, especially if it means hospital visits, crying, and breakages: all bad omens.
2. Giving gifts with unlucky meanings, colors, words, or numbers, or even saying something inauspicious.
3. Sweeping up on New Year's Day: don't "sweep all your luck away".

It will be not complete if you not hang on your wish in 2020. Don't worry, we have prepared you the tree of luck. After taking your picture in Chinese New Year 2020, just hang on your wish. Happy Chinese New Year for all who celebrate may this year of rat give you lots of joy, prosperous, and best of luck in year ahead! guòniánhǎo!.

17 December 2019

Grand Ixora’s Festive Season


Following the Christmas and new year vibes this December, Grand Ixora Kuta Resort is proudly re-creating a Festive Season. In line with this Festive Season, Grand Ixora Kuta Resort invites all diners to visit the one and only restaurant "Bambu Roras". Strategic location, just in front of our lobby area designed a natural and elegant touch, Asian and International Foods concepts. What will be included? The first one is enjoy the Christmas Event Dinner at Bambu Roras Restaurant. You will get a barbecue dinner (all you can eat!). Christmas Event dinner will not be complete without entertainment, right? We also provide entertainment of live Acoustic. All items above can be enjoyed by IDR 100,000 net / pax. This event will be held for only 1 night on December 24th. What a fantastic offer right?

Second is "Breakfast with Santa" on December 25, 2019 from 6.30 am - 10.30 am. Don’t let Santa alone, let’s take a picture with him! Besides that you will get a special gift from Santa. We also open up opportunities for outside guests who want to enjoy "Breakfast with Santa" at a price of IDR 65,000 nett. A beautiful offer right?

Third event is the Gala Dinner to welcome New Year on 31st December 2019. The theme is "Masquerade Party" which will be held from 7 pm - 10 pm. What will you get here? You must be wondering. You will get many benefits, including: Live acoustic, lucky draw and exclusive access to our clear-blue swimming pool. The benefits not stopped there you will get another additional DJ performance along with free canapes, free a glass of special cocktails and modern sexy dance. Shocking price is IDR 350.000 per person. Have you imagined how exciting would be? Spend New Year's Eve with Grand Ixora Hotel new!

The last but not least, at the beginning of the new year on January 1st, 2020 one special event is awaits you. New year’s Day Brunch from 11 am - 2pm. We prepare buffet brunch with live cooking station. Don’t waste your time! Let’s note the date and book your seat before it's over. You can send an email to reservation@grandixora.com or dial number (0361) 759099. Come directly to our hotel on Jl. Kartika Plaza no. 92 Kuta - Bali is very welcome. See you at the event!

10 October 2019

CSR – Uluwatu Temple


In the middle of this year, Grand Ixora Kuta Resort is turning 5, in line of celebrating the 5th anniversary, management along with some volunteer (staff) are organizing CSR activities. CSR Located in Uluwatu Temple – Pecatu, South Kuta Badung Regency, and these activities held on Thursday October, 04th 2019. Started at 07.30 am until 10 am. Sembahyang is the first thing that has been done before started this activity, then moved to “Ngayah” cleaning surrounded area in Uluwatu temple. Attended by 18 participants, refers to our theme for this year “We Love, We Care, We Serve”

Meanwhile, after completed “Ngayah” in order to maintain the cleanliness of the area, Grand Ixora Kuta Resort donated 2 trash cans, 5 dustpan and 5 broom sticks. Let’s keep our environment clean, because we Love, We Care, we Serve.

14 September 2019

Work Discipline & Time Management

26 August 2019

Soundrenaline 7 - 8 September 2019


Let's focus our views on the southern part of Bali, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural park. Here will be held the largest annual music performance in Southeast Asia held on September 7 to 8 September 2019. This event which lasted for 2 days. Start from Saturday & Sunday with the theme "The Spirit of All Time". Take a handful of Indonesian musicians by collaborating on several genres of music in a pleasant "blend". The music genre that will be performed starts from nostalgia and rock and roll, for sure. Entrance tickets have been sold starting from July 2019. Please be ready at 3:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. to enjoy the event.

If you have already booked a soundrenaline entrance ticket, it would be nice if you decide to book the accommodation at the Grand Ixora Kuta Resort. We have strategic location, close to the airport, Kuta Beach and shopping center. One more benefits, it takes only 30 minutes drime from Grand Ixora Kuta Hotel to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.

Don’t missed our hotel, because we offer some discount if you booking through website.

13 August 2019

Sanur Village Festival


Let's follow the wind to the eastern part of Denpasar. In August, 21 - 25 2019 will be held "Sanur Village Festival". It is an annual activity located on Sanur Beach. A contemporary art party that includes body painting, on-site paintings, art and photography exhibitions, fruit carvings, Sports Tourism Competitions that will include marathon, futsal, tennis, golf, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, traditional boats. Don't forget, an international kite festival featuring traditional kites from Bali and other parts of Indonesia and international participants.

Mark this vivacious event to your bucket list, and we are ready to welcome you I our hotel. Start from accommodation and your transport. Click www.grandixora.com to find your needs.

Don’t miss out, book one of our Special Deal & Honeymoon Package to complete your honeymoon vacation in Bali.

16 July 2019

Bali International Kite Festival

Keep your eye out of the blue sky in Petitenget Beach – Sanur which will be full colored by kite. This event called, Bali International Kite Festival, held annually. That will be held on August 2019. The meaning of this festival in Hindu is to thanks to God because of the abundant of blessings on this harvest time.

Usually this festival will be attended by local and international team. Each of the team consists of 70 – 80 people. With their own responsibility the team will be separated into some part such as, music player, kite flyer, and steering.

Using traditional giant kite with 4 meters wide, 10 meters long and if the kite completed with tails, it will take more than 100 meters long. Not only traditional giant kite, it also open opportunity of team who have their modern giant kite, depend on their creativity.

After you read this short article, set your free time on 15 August until 18 August this year. Enjoy your kite watching experience with Instagramable view by stay with us at Grand Ixora Kuta Resort. You will have additional promo with us!



You are not visit Bali yet, if you not go to Kartika Plaza street. Completed your bucket list restaurant, just put BambuRoras Restaurant as one of them. All day dining restaurant located in Jl. Kartika Plaza no. 92 Kuta called BambuRoras Restaurant. Why you should choose us as one of your favorite restaurant? Instead of we serve Indonesian we also served Balinese style and western food. Just imagine you spend your dinner at BambuRoras restaurant along with our Live Acoustic performance every Thursday. Enjoy your food.



There is something new at Grand IxoraKuta Resort. Every Thursday, Full moon (Purnama), and New Moon (Tilem) we are wearing our traditional costume for every department. Grand IxoraKuta Resort eagerly embraced the governor's regulationabout Traditional Balinese Costume. In operational section, actually we already applied one of the Balinese costume component.Saput for men staff and womenwearSelendang.
If we take a look from the component that included characteristic of Balinese traditional clothing is the udeng and selendang. Udeng or we often sayDestar in Balinese is a headband used by men. While the selendang wrapped around a woman's waist is a symbol of self-binding, behavior and lust.
This initiative has enabled us to engage with guests and share information about the Bali's unique culture, which is driven by the Hindu religion. It also supports the local economy as everyone wants to look their best by wearing the very latest trends in traditional attire.You are not visited Kutaarea yet, if you not take a picture with one of our staff wear traditional clothing.

19 November 2019




There are numerous ways to motivate employees where many organizations motivate them by providing rewards, promotion, awards and enhance the productivity of the company. In this special occasion, as the rewards Grand IxoraKuta Resortselecting best Employee of the year.
November 19th, 2019, Grand IxoraKuta Resort held the Best Employee of the Year event in conjunction with celebrating the 5th anniversary of the hotel. The event was held at Plumeria on second floor. Where there were three participants who were elected representatives from several departments. They must present their respective talents and continue with a question and answer session from the Owner and Assessment Team from internal hotel.
After going through the talent show and question and answer session, then the moment that was expected finally came. Mr. Yustika, won the best employee of the year 2019. A feeling of pride is implied in his expression. Before proceeding to the crown session, the best employee was given the opportunity to say some words for being chosen as the Best Employee of the year.
The crown session from the previous best employee (Ms. Ari) to Mr. Yustika was witnessed by all the staff of the Grand IxoraKuta Resort. Accompany by laugh and pride that blended into one historic event of Grand Ixora. It's an event that really unites the sense of brotherhood of all components in hotel. We hope that in the future anniversary event will be more successful, said anniversary's chairman.


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