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5 Bali Traditional drink


Besides having a typical meal, Bali also has a typical drink. Here we present 5 typical Balinese drinks that you can try if it comes to Bali.1. Ice BeerIce beer is made from young coconut is added with lime juice. North Balinese drinks (Buleleng), although the name is the word beer however beverages do not contain alcohol. It is suitable to drink during the day because it was so cool, fresh, and of course delicious.

Arak Bali
is a typical Balinese liquor containing alcohol fermented. Balinese traditional drink of this, not least with outside production drinks such as wine or wine. Arak is generally made from coconut palm wine by distillation (distillation). Besides as a beverage, as well as serving ceremonial procession. This minuma now has limited its circulation by the government of Bali as alcoholic and can cause death due to mixed use other types of alcohol.

is a kind of traditional Balinese drink green grass jelly. Daluman making process itself is usually not much different from the manufacture of grass jelly. Daluman leaves that have been cleaned, then knead until foamy until thick, before it is too thick, the leaves that have been squeezed filtered so that the leaves do not mix with the dough daluman. So that it feels good daluman already thick mixed with coconut milk, sugar arena that has liquid and ice then be ice daluman.

Kopi Bali.
Balinese coffee is processed coffee products in the home are still traditional and roasting processes still use firewood, creating a fragrant scent so distinctive and special. Balinese drinks is the most widely consumed by the inhabitants of Bali because it is easiest to obtain.

Drinks Loloh in Balinese language means herbs. Balinese herbal medicine is not as yet very refreshing herbal throat especially when mixed with ice. What is unique Balinese drinks are tasted spicy, sour, salty and sweet mixed together. Loose believed to help lower blood pressure, digestion is also good for nursing mothers. One loose which is a typical drink the famous Balinese typical cemcem Penglipuran loloh.

Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage Balinese and is the result of fermentation of the juice, rice, or material drinks / fruit contains sugar. Raw materials commonly used are: rice or liquid taken from plants such as palm or palm tree sap, or the legend of the palm tree or mental, or other sources.